Export Division

We are even supplying for TV shopping.


Flow Chart of Our Service

Inquiry (offer) ~ Application

Search for Supplier and Brand
Payment Contract
Sign Up to Supplier
Control Shipping Deadline
Arrival of Goods
Inspect and Packing
Make Out Export Documents and contact
Ship Out

Please ask us about custom order.

Our Services

A: Purchasing

*We can purchase any type of fashion items for you, such as any American brands, Celebrity clothing, Surfer and Skater wear, Western (cowboy) attire, vintage clothing and even antique items.

**Specialty Licensed Products
We have a license to obtain any CITES and USFWS permits. We are also licensed to export all permitted animal products.

B: Production(OEM)

We are mainly do Cut & sew merchandises in Los Angeles. (Made in U.S.A.)

C: Support

We provide support services for our buyers from Japan in searching for shops and showrooms that fit their needs anywhere in the U.S.A. We provide hotel booking, car rental, translation and negotiation support services. We provide all export related services including inspection and packaging.

① Exhibition and Showroom Accommodations
LOS ANGELES、NEW YORK、LAS VEGAS、DENVER… all over the U.S.A. We can take our customers anywhere in support of your purchasing needs.

② Wholesale Purchasing
We can support your wholesale purchasing needs of the latest trends in clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories at the Fashion District in L.A.

③ Select Shop Cruise
Select shops in L.A.: RODEO DR, Melrose, Beverly Hills, Robertson Blvd.
We will accompany our customers to select shops that are frequented by celebrities.

Surf Shops in coastal L.A. and O.C.
We provide support for our customers in purchasing goods from the local surf shops in the numerous famous beach cities of Southern California, including surfboards and skateboards.

Antique Shops in Old Town USA
We provide assistance in finding antique shops throughout Southern California to fit your needs.

Swap Meets
We can support your vintage clothing purchasing needs through various swap meets in Southern California.

④ Market Research Support
We accompany customers in performing market research at various famous shopping malls and famous outlets anywhere in the USA..

⑤ Support as Exhibitor
We provide support to your exhibitor experience at various trade shows throughout the U.S.A, such as the "Magic Show" which is the biggest and most famous clothing trade show located in Las Vegas.

⑥ Special Services
We can even support customers in devising a business plan, such as logistics planning.